Hello. I hail from a small New England town where I grew up one of four daughters to incredible parents in a hundred-year-old farmhouse. Over the last ten years, I’ve enjoyed working in an industry that continuously marries creativity and construct whilst living in the amazing cities of Boston and Chicago. I’ve also been a nanny, waitress, and retail salesperson, which when put altogether makes me a well-rounded person, strong in foundational values, but always willing to explore new ideas. In my spare time I enjoy spending it with my family, traveling near and far, watching old movie classics, taking my dog Charlie for a walk and listening to a wide variety of music.


Creativity and Design: “Has a great understanding of various kinds of design jobs.  Her work, whether on a CD cover, a book cover or another kind of job is of very high quality.”

Initiative: “Always willing to take on more and different tasks and, not only see them through to the end, but adopt them into her routine.”

Communication and Teamwork: “Communicates extremely well…works well with the design team and others to meet the department’s objective.”

 Adaptability and Attitude: “Able to gauge a project’s relative importance, its anticipated turnaround and cost, and then relay this accurately to others. Additionally, she invariably does it with a smile on her face and an efficiency to be admired.”

Decision Making and Problem Solving: “Her skills and desire as a designer have often caused her to be thrown in the fire.  She has handled every project very well, and is cautious, methodical, questioning when necessary and is skilled at handling clients and artists.”


Krista K
Rounder Records
Concord Music Group
Berklee School of Music

Cafe Selmarie
Sixpax, Inc.
Switchfast Technologies
Muscular Therapy Works

Vienna Teng
Bela Fleck
Ann Wilson
JJ Cale